SHADE presentation at NYCXDesign

The new Shade collection by Nanimarquina has enjoyed double exposure during the NYCxDesign. The first occurred during the party organized by Vitra and Artek in their pop-up showroom overlooking the Whitney Museum. A large number of attendees were able to view new products presented by the three brands, while enjoying delicious cocktails and live music.

The day after, the official presentation of the collection was held at the nanimarquina showroom located in the Soho Design District. During the evening, attendees were able to meet the designer in person, who explained the technical complexity of the gradient applied to Shade.

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OPTICALS at Milan Design Week

You are invited to Age of Man exhibition by Form&Seek, where the new OPTICAL collection will be exhibited in Milan Design week.
We will be open from 4 - 9 April 2017 in Ventura Lambrate, Via Ventura 2

"In a response to the growing awareness of the conseqences of our actions we think that as designers we can play a leading role in shaping our future attitudes towards natural resources, production processes and the consumption of goods."

For the "AGE OF MAN" the Form&Seekers work explores the theme that are botth rooted in the past and racing towards the future.

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Begüm Cana Özgür's first solo show takes place in ECNP Gallery.

SENSATION-PERCEPTION presents a collection of hand-woven flat weaves with the strong visual impression that leads to subjective perceptive experience. The new “ OPTICALS” series, which are being exhibited for the first time, use the visual phenomena of optical illusions in order to amaze the viewer and create an experiential quality. The viewer’s perception activates the piece in each encounter, keeping the dialog alive between the object and the user. Drawing on the dynamic experiential quality, the design object goes beyond its functional purposes and becomes a companion in the life experience.

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