De toutes les façons... Design graphique et textile

Taking place at Le Signe, Centre National du Graphisme in Chaumont, "De toutes façons...Design graphique et textile" is an exhibition about the relations existing between textile and graphic design, curated by Structure Bâtons.

Begüm Cânâ Özgür's work Felt Textile is a part of the exhibtion which is about offering a multitude of junctions and exploring the symbolic, cultural, political and creative issues encompassed by the question of textile.

The exhibition takes place from October 2019 to March 2020. 

Learn more on the exhibiton from here. 

JUNE, 2019


In the TEDx talk at Vefa Lisesi, Begüm Cânâ Özgür shares her journey that took her to the villages of Anatolia to collaborate with women weavers and the meaning she infers as a designer. She explains how the design process links the demands of end users with the social needs of local weavers, ultimately effecting the lives of both ends.

Begüm Cânâ Özgür defines the Eclipse moment, a moment of darkness at when you take one step out of your comfort zone and you meet with chaos, which is later followed by an enlightenment and awareness. 


APRIL, 2019

SHADE Outdoor by nanimarquina

SHADE collection by nanimarquina is now developed to furnish and beautify the open air spaces. The new product SHADE Outdoor is launched at Salone del Mobile, 58th edition.

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Begüm Cânâ Özgür shows her work to Scandinavian design audience at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019, Greenhouse section.

She also gives a talk at the Greenhouse Stage, on her design process and her role as a designer in creating a social change.




We are happy to announce that SHADE Collection by nanimarquina is now available at Design Within Reach with a new color palette "Dawn" and runners exclusive to DWR.

MAY, 2018

OPTICALS at Herman Miller Flagship Store

Happy to announce the Opticals wall hangings are now on sale at Herman Miller Flagshipstore, New York!


MAY, 2018


A group of nine contemporary design studios working in Istanbul presented selected designs to the New York design audience at the 2018 New York Design Week.

Co-curated by two Turkish architects in two continents - Koray Duman in New York and Füsun Eczacibasi in Istanbul, and organized in collaboration with designer Feleksan Onar, the exhibition presented a scene, representative of Istanbul contemporary living , featuring works by: Autoban, Begüm Cânâ Özgür, Feyz Design, Fy-Shan Glass Studio, Gorbon Tiles, Linens, Merve Kahraman, Mucs Studio, Santimetre.

Learn more on the exhibition from here.

MAY, 2018

PANEL DISCUSSION: Crossing Boundaries

 In parallel to the exhibition of Istanbul Design Collective's at NYCxDesign, a panel discussion called "Crossing Boundaries", takes place at the Herman Miller Manhattan store on May 22nd, 2018. The discussion is on the role of culture in the creative practices of three Istanbul based designers Feleksan Onar, Orhan Gorbon and Begüm Cânâ Özgür moderated by Herman Miller designer Ayse Birsel. 


APRIL, 2018


We are happy to announce the launching of atlas design collection in collaboration with IN-BETWEEN Design Platform and Governorship of Harran.

atlas design collection, translating Mesopotamian cultural heritage and aesthetics  to our times, aims to integrate the social awareness and sustainable design economy with the rising values in the global design scene.

The project is managed under the directorship of Ömer Faruk Çelik, District Governor of Harran, and realized with ADEM (Family Support Centre) within the Governorship of Harran, dedicated to support women empowerment and encouraging women to take an active role in the social life and thus creating a social change. atlas design collection is curated by Bilgen Coskun and Dilek Öztürk, founders of IN-BETWEEN Design Platform, with the works of designers Aslı Smith, Baris Gün, Begüm Cânâ Özgür, DAY Studio, INCOMPLIT and Sule Koç.

Discover more about the project from here.

APRIL, 2018

SHADE Pouf by nanimarquina

New product SHADE pouf, designed in collaboration with Spanish designer Marcos Catalan, is launched by nanimarquina at Salone del Mobile, 57th edition. Shade pouf presents eight models as a versatile accessory that complements the rugs of SHADE collection. 

Discover the collection from here.


March, 2018

Documentary: BU KIZIN ÖYKÜSÜ

Developed by Zeynep Erekli and directed by Çağatay Kaya, BU KIZIN ÖYKÜSÜ (THIS GIRL'S TALE) is a documentary series on empowering young Turkish women. Begüm Cânâ Özgür is filmed among 8 passionate women, following their own path to inspire and convert their societies.

A short film that shares the story behind Begüm Cânâ Özgür's handwoven design rugs and the social impact of her process. 

Watch the short film from here.

May, 2017

SHADE Presentation at Vitra

The new Shade collection by Nanimarquina has enjoyed double exposure during the NYCxDesign. The first occurred during the party organized by Vitra and Artek in their pop-up showroom overlooking the Whitney Museum. A large number of attendees were able to view new products presented by the three brands, while enjoying delicious cocktails and live music.

The day after, the official presentation of the collection was held at the nanimarquina showroom located in the Soho Design District. During the evening, attendees were able to meet the designer in person, who explained the technical complexity of the gradient applied to Shade.


MAY, 2017

CRANBROOK: A New Domestic Landscape

Cranbrook Art Museum opens a new exhibition, Cranbrook: A New Domestic Landscape, which features contemporary furniture and furnishings by recent alumni and Artists-in-Residence of Cranbrook Academy of Art. The work challenges conventions of use, explores new materials and techniques, and blurs the boundaries between art, craft, and design.

Begüm Cânâ Özgür's works will be a part of the exhibition that will rub from May 12, 2017 through January 14, 2018.

Learn more on the exhibition from here.

April, 2017

AGE OF MAN | Milan Design Week

The new OPTICALS Collection is launched in Milan Design Week as part of the exhibition Age of Man, curated by Form&Seek. The exhibition takes place on April 4th-9th,2017 , at Ventura Lambrate, Via Ventura 2.

"In a response to the growing awareness of the conseqences of our actions we think that as designers we can play a leading role in shaping our future attitudes towards natural resources, production processes and the consumption of goods."

For the "AGE OF MAN" the Form&Seekers work explores the theme that are botth rooted in the past and racing towards the future.

Discover more of the exhibition from here.


March, 2017


Begüm Cânâ Özgür's first solo show takes place in ECNP Gallery.

SENSATION-PERCEPTION presents a collection of hand-woven flat weaves with the strong visual impression that leads to subjective perceptive experience. The new “ OPTICALS” series, which are being exhibited for the first time, use the visual phenomena of optical illusions in order to amaze the viewer and create an experiential quality. The viewer’s perception activates the piece in each encounter, keeping the dialog alive between the object and the user. Drawing on the dynamic experiential quality, the design object goes beyond its functional purposes and becomes a companion in the life experience.

The exhibition takes place on March, 30th - April 22nd, 2017.

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