Studio Begüm Cânâ Özgür is a product and textile oriented design studio based in Istanbul and New York. 

Following her graduation from Cranbrook Academy of Art, 3D design department, Begüm Cânâ Özgür started  her studio in 2014, based in Istanbul where the cultural richness of the land has been the major motive in her work, developing an interest in ancient craft practices.

With a focus on textiles, rugs and the weaving culture, Begüm Cana Özgür collaborates with global brands in development of design products. 

In 2015, she started an initiative through her namesake brand to introduce a contemporary design approach to the traditional culture of weaving in Anatolia. 

Collaborating with the local crafts people, she creates a contemporary expression through the traditional culture of weaving.

Our journey is enriched through the dialog we form with the women weavers of Anatolia who takes role in the production process from their homes.

This inclusive design process calls the power of design in social transformation, drives us to take a responsible position through our design practice.


Starting from the initial ideation, our design process is carried out hands on. We play with common materials and existing techniques to fully understand their potential to develop a new contemporary expression. The experimental process results in the development and adaptation of skills, suggesting new ways of doing.

Through our explorations on color, texture and pattern we are seeking ways to create evocative and engaging products.

"For me, the key function of design is to be deeply inter-woven in the lives of people. As designers we should understand that our creations are just props in their bigger stories. I am less interested in objects as functional items but more interested as companions and catalysts in the life experiences.  To me, the question is;

How can objects of the built environment become a part of our inner lives and what qualities in them lend deeper relationship with the users?"


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